A number of LED chips and lighting systems were exhibited at LUMINATION

On June 11th, at the 2009 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LED manufacturer Lumination exhibited a variety of LED chips and lighting systems, including Tetra series LED sign lighting system, Vio high-power white light led, Cov eL ED trunking lighting system, ImmersionLED vertical refrigerator display lighting system. Two of Tetra and VIO high-power white LEDs have attracted interest from Optoelectronics News.

The Tetra PowerGrid LED lighting system is said to have great advantages, low energy and maintenance costs, and normal operation at low temperatures. With a rated life of 50,000 hours, it is four times the standard T12HO (high output) fluorescence system and maintains a stable output for 11 years with 12 hours of operation per day.
The lighting system also features lead-free, mercury-free and fragile glass for a safer system. In addition, the lighting system uses Lumination's proprietary design of the connection module, which has the characteristics of short installation time and low labor cost, and the light is brighter and more consistent.
Tetra PowerGrid LED lighting system for VIO high-power white LEDs, Lumination pointed out that the chip produces a color shift of less than 100K after 50,000 hours of rated life, overcoming many of the inherent color control issues of standard blue and trichromatic LEDs. In addition, the LED uses Lumination's own blue-violet chip technology to combine a 405nm chip with a blend of phosphors to convert violet light into white light through phosphors on a hemispherical lens.
VIO high power white LED
VIO violet chips are more efficient than blue LEDs and have high efficiency at warmer color temperatures. At the same time, VI OLED can also avoid frequent flashing of LEDs in the luminaire or shadows caused by multiple bright point sources. In terms of performance, VIOLED has a variety of features, with a lumen maintenance rate of 70%. The use of plug-and-play connections makes manufacturing simple and solder-free, with a reliability of GE and electrostatic discharge (ESD). At present, the potential applications of white light VIOLED include general lighting (chandelier, bracket wall light), commercial lighting (work light, display screen), landscape lighting (small road, courtyard lighting) and architectural lighting (washing wall and standard light), Replacing traditional general lighting sources is just around the corner.

LED wall washers are high power LED lights that are used for decorative lighting and highlight, or wash walls, of buildings, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, plazas, commercial building facades, art galleries, etc., with different kind of colors.
The LED wall washer can even change their colors while projecting. The RGB LED wall washer lights can project various colors and change the color by programming the LED wall washer the way you want to. LED wall washers can be used for clubs, stages, parks, plazas, commercial building, art gallery, landscape, architectural decoration, etc.

LED Wall Washer Light

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