Analysis of the top ten development trends of the lighting industry in 2010

The development of the lighting industry has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the form of competition has become increasingly fierce. Efforts to increase the development of energy-saving light sources and lamps of different grades, patterns and different uses, accelerate the development, promotion and application of green and energy-saving light source products is the focus of structural adjustment of China's lighting industry; at the same time, to build their own dominant lighting brand is also the continuous development of the lighting industry, Lighting companies deal with important issues of competition. China's lighting industry will face unprecedented opportunities and challenges, and the huge commercial benefits brought by it have become the focus of lighting companies.

Between the intersection of retrospect and outlook, the development trend of China's lighting lighting in 2010 has been presented:

1. After vigorously cultivating the domestic consumer market in 2009, the Chinese government's policy on the real estate market began to return rationally. This will be a major measure for the development of China's lighting industry, and it will be a major measure to squeeze the bubble. Have a profound impact on the industry;

Second, with the introduction of various policies for energy conservation and emission reduction in the country, energy conservation and environmental protection will be implemented by the government's slogan to the actual performance of the market. This is an unprecedented opportunity and challenge for China's energy-saving light source industry, and will also become China's lighting. Industrial upgrading and exporting enterprises have become an important milestone in domestic sales;

3. After nearly 30 years of development, the Chinese lighting industry has begun to compete from product competition to channel competition, from the competition of industry brands to the competition of capital and service;

Fourth, the product pattern of China's lighting industry will present a regionally differentiated competition, and regional brand building will enter the agenda of relevant local governments;

5. With the introduction of national energy conservation policies, LEDs will only be earned from the past and will not make money into the era of large-scale market outbreaks;

Sixth, upstream manufacturing enterprises will fight from each other and enter an era of complementary advantages, differentiation, and capitalization integration;

7. The downstream market will have an era of capitalization, chaining, branding, informationization, and standardization of corporate management.

8. China's rural market will show unprecedented sales momentum;

9. The intensity of national energy conservation subsidies will continue to increase. As energy-saving subsidy enterprises feel the benefits brought by the national preferential policies, they begin to pay more attention to the opportunity of the government's recognition of their brands, and take advantage of the trend to the second and third-tier markets. Expanding and moving towards an era of independent innovation will have a huge impact on the class of the industry.

X. 2010 will be an inflection point for industry and regional brands to move toward popular brands, and it is also a harbinger of the advent of the industry oligarch era.

In the environment of excessive competition, seeking for long-term development requires continuous self-improvement and innovation.

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