Announcement on Competitive Negotiation of LED Electronic Display Purchasing Project in Cuiyuan Middle School

Title: Competing Negotiation Announcement for LED Electronic Display Purchasing Project of Cuiyuan Middle School Tender No.: XHZFCG-2009-Y-09 Announcement Date: May 25, 2009 Deadline: June 10, 2009 Tendering Agency: Hangzhou Cuiyuan Middle School and City: Zhejiang-Hangzhou Content: According to the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law" and other relevant regulations, approved by the government procurement management department, Hangzhou Xihu District Procurement Center was entrusted by the District Education Bureau to Hangzhou Cuiyuan The middle school electronic display procurement project conducts competitive negotiations, and domestic qualified suppliers are welcome to negotiate.

I. Negotiation item number: XHZFCG-2009-Y-09

2. Overview of the negotiation project (content, purpose, quantity, brief technical requirements):

Hangzhou Cuiyuan Middle School electronic display procurement project. The outdoor full-color real-pixel LED electronic large screen has a total of one, the requirements are: the height of the double-column is about 1 meter, the display size is about 3.04m×1.6m=4.864 square, single-sided outdoor full-color real-pixel electronic display, and Procurement of display control systems, multimedia graphics cards, lightning arresters and other equipment. Specifically, it includes: design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, acceptance, training of electronic display screens and free on-site technical support services for not less than 3 years (including). See the procurement documents for details.

Third, negotiating supplier qualification requirements:

(1) With a registered capital of RMB 500,000 or more, it has the qualification of domestic independent legal person, independent civil liability and ability to perform contracts. It has a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting management system, and has the necessary equipment to perform the contract. Professional and technical ability, with a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law, there is no major illegal record in the business activities of the three years prior to participating in government procurement activities.

(2) Strong project management, equipment integration, technical services and organizational implementation capabilities, as well as successful experience in the construction and implementation of similar projects, can provide the product agent certificate authorized by the original manufacturer of the original goods or hold the original manufacturer's A special power of attorney for the project (provided within seven working days after winning the bid), able to undertake the project independently, with good performance and performance record

(3) It has strong localization service capability. Non-local responders should have resident service and technical support institutions with standard products in Hangzhou, and have a strong professional technical team to provide fast after-sales service. Service response. The fault can respond within 1 hour, arrive at the site within 2 hours, and eliminate the fault within 4 hours. (4) Decline the joint response.

Fourth, the time and place of the sale of competitive negotiation documents, etc.:

1. Time for the sale of competitive negotiation documents: May 25, 2009 to June 1, 2009 (except for weekends and legal holidays)

Morning: 8:30-11:30

Afternoon: 14:30-17:30

2. Access to competitive negotiation documents Location: No. 228, Jingzhou Road, Hangzhou (Business Management Section, 3rd Floor, Administrative Service Center, Xihu District).

3. Price of competitive negotiation documents (yuan): 200 (not refundable after sale)

V. Negotiation response deadline: June 10, 2009 09:00

Sixth, the negotiation response file submission location: No. 228, Jingzhou Road, Hangzhou (the business reception room on the third floor of Xihu District Administrative Service Center).

7. Negotiation time: June 10, 2009, 09:00 (Beijing time)

Eight. Venue: No. 228, Jingzhou Road, Hangzhou (the first opening room of the third floor of Xihu District Administrative Service Center).

9. Negotiation deposit and delivery method:


X. Other matters:

1. Documents and documents to be submitted when purchasing competitive negotiation documents

When purchasing the tender, you must provide the original and copy of the business license of the legal person, a copy of the tax registration certificate, a copy of the social security registration certificate, the power of attorney, a brief introduction to the project, etc. (all need to be stamped with official seal).

Contact information

Purchasing Agency Name: Hangzhou West Lake District Purchasing Center

Venue: Xihu District Procurement Center, Hangzhou Company Name: Hangzhou Xihu District Procurement Center Contact: Lu Qi Tel: 0571-88156327 E-mail: Fax: 0571-88156327 Postal Code: Address:

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