Appliance market "temperature" rebounded

Appliance market "temperature" rebounded

With the increasingly fierce competition in the home appliance market, the marketing means of home appliance stores will attract consumers' attention through festive promotions, festival promotions, and regular “inside purchase meetings”. The purchase of home appliances at the node has become the heart of the consumer's mind. For this reason, the in-house purchase model has also become a regular means of activity for home appliances stores.

This disguised price war, how to fundamentally enhance customer stickiness, must also include the advantages of price, resources, and services. Five Star Electrical 527 Super In-house Purchase Association, in addition to providing attractive prices, also opened the appliance market battle in June ahead of schedule.

It is understood that the current internal purchase will become a magic weapon for home appliance stores to increase sales. Compared with daily sales, ultra-low prices are key words for the in-house purchase. From the point of view of the Five Stars Super In-house Purchase Association, 1.5 TCL wall-mounted cold and warm fixed-frequency air-conditioners are priced at 1,790 yuan, 1.5-geli GPI air-conditioners as low as 2,799 yuan, and 50-inch 4K ultra-high-definition Skyworth TVs as long as 2,599 yuan and Sharp 48 inches. Smart TV as low as 3799 yuan, Haier 7 kg frequency conversion free washing machine activity price 3199 yuan, an energy efficiency Meiling refrigerator as long as 1299 yuan ... ... refresh low-cost new coordinates.

Five Star promised to set the lowest price in the whole city. As long as the products purchased by Five Star Electric have the same brand and the price of the same model is higher than the competing products, Wuxing Electric will double pay the difference. The internal purchase meeting this time adopts the form of closing stores completely in the actual implementation process. Consumers can only obtain in-app purchase qualifications if they have an invitation letter.

It is learnt that rich and varied promotional activities such as password red envelopes, store visits, discovery trips, bonus red packets, and golden eggs are on the same day as the Super In-house Purchase Association. In order to fully realize the effect of real feedback on consumers, Five Stars negotiated activity resources with a number of manufacturers one month ahead of time, through large-scale procurement, big brand cooperation, and resource integration, and strived to achieve a city-wide price for all types of products on the same day. lowest.

Industry sources said that because of the climate in May and June is also a very matter, many customers will choose to renovate new homes during this time, or replace home appliances. At the end of May, the activity was started. On the one hand, the peak of the Dragon Boat Festival was spent ahead of schedule to avoid spending a small holiday in advance, avoiding the travel army, so that consumers could have more time to enjoy vacations and travel; on the other hand, they would also upgrade their logistics services and provide more effective protection. Consumers can receive the fastest purchases. At the same time, prior to the bombing of the 618 E-Commerce Campaign, preemptive interception of customer traffic is also an effective way to increase user stickiness.

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