Application Analysis of Used Car Trading Network Platform System

Application Analysis of Used Car Trading Network Platform System

1 Introduction According to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the State Administration of Taxation newly promulgated the "Measures for the Circulation of Used Cars" and the State Administration of Taxation "Notice on the Unification of Used Car Sales Invoice Styles" [2005] No. 693 From October 1, the national second-hand car circulation industry will implement new management measures. In order to fully implement the "Management Measures for Second-hand Car Circulation", standardize transaction behavior, strengthen invoice management, ensure national taxation, and improve the operation and service level of the second-hand car industry, design an old motor vehicle (second-hand car) transaction management system.

2 Platform functions
2.1 System function The function of the system is to provide convenient, fast, and convenient for the application units such as the trade management office, the old motor vehicle market management office, public security / industrial and commercial / taxation, various old motor vehicle trading markets, evaluation companies, operating companies in various cities. Standardized and safe online business window. The system structure is shown in Figure 1.

Its website is the official website of the used car industry management based on the Web; the used car appraisal and evaluation pricing system adopts the scientific evaluation method combining the "replacement cost method + current market price method"; Invoice terminal management software; dedicated invoice management and auditing system meets the online management requirements for second-hand car unified transaction invoices of national taxation departments in cities across the province; online transaction management system enables competent authorities to fully grasp the industry and development trends in a timely manner, and has summary and printing Function; CA digital certificate security system ensures the security of transaction data, identification data, evaluation data, and invoice data; the comprehensive market management system realizes the maintenance and management of the information of the entire system.

2.2 System technical solution (1) System data processing model The system adopts the mode of “combination of large data concentration + real-time / non-real-time parallelism”: establish a used car center database system in the provincial business information center for centralized storage of all the province ’s Second-hand car transaction data; at the same time establish multiple layers of data protection and backup institutions to ensure the safety of system data. The relevant used car transaction data of each transaction subject can be stored in a database that is automatically created and maintained locally, but it is required to upload and update the data in time to ensure the real-time nature of the central database data. The commercial, taxation, and public security departments directly access the central database through the Web system to process related information.
(2) System technology system The market transaction main body "machine invoice transaction management system" adopts C / S application structure and DELPHI development tools; Web-based audit management information systems use B / S system, ASP /. NET development tools; central database management system, select My SQL Server database system. Figure 2 shows the logical structure of the system.

3 System application analysis Since its inception, the system has maintained a stable and safe operating state. The system has never experienced downtime and data loss, ensuring the normal conduct of used car transactions and business management.
(1) The competent commercial department establishes a complete record system for used car trading markets, dealership companies, and auction companies. Relevant enterprises registered by the Dingshang administrative department according to law will become legal members of the system after filing, and tickets can only be sold through the invoice management system; establish an accurate and timely second-hand car circulation information reporting mechanism. The machine invoice subsystem records the information of each invoice issued, and the system automatically uploads it to the central platform. After the platform is aggregated, various reports are formed, which can be printed and output; form a scientific statistical analysis index system.
(2) The tax department establishes a detailed invoice issuing account. The detailed information of each purchase invoice will be recorded in the system. Only the ticket number registered in the account can print the invoice; establish a timely and accurate invoice use supervision system. Invoice use management summarizes and records in detail the use of all invoices received by each filing company (total number of used, total used, total unused, total voided, remaining total) and the use status of each invoice (used, unused, Invalid), in preparation for tax supervision in a timely manner; establish an electronic invoice database, which can compare and audit paper fake invoices and customer stubs to reduce the loss of national taxes.
(3) The main body of each trading market establishes a perfect computer management system, each market can use the computer network to quickly develop trading business, and the transaction efficiency is greatly improved. The matching function and information release function provided in the system provide new profit sources and growth points for each trading market. At the same time, the system effectively monitors illegal invoices and bans the illegal trading market to ensure the orderly development of the formal trading market.
(4) The second-hand car appraisal and evaluation system adopts the evaluation method combining the "replacement cost method + current market price method"; in addition, referring to national regulations such as the Ministry of Domestic Trade, the evaluation method is more reasonable and scientific. It has important reference value in practical application. Figure 3 is a functional block diagram of a used car identification evaluation management system. Figure 4 is the market integrated management system.

4 Conclusion Through the analysis of this case, it is summarized as follows: the system integrates the joint operations of taxation, commerce, public security and other departments, and effectively realizes the standardized management of the industry. It provides an important reference for the informatization construction of China's industry e-government. The successful application of CTCA digital certificate application technology enables the perfect combination of CA digital certificate and large-scale application system. The evaluation method that combines the "replacement cost method + current market price method" used in the appraisal of used cars is scientific, advanced, and true, which promotes the development of appraisal and evaluation of domestic used cars. The data processing mode of "combination of large-scale data + real-time / non-real-time parallelism" is highly advanced and effective, and provides new ideas for the information construction of similar businesses.

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