At the end of the year, no express delivery stopped.

The express delivery will stop immediately, and the promotion of Internet companies and e-commerce companies will reach the final stage of sprint. Now Internet TV manufacturers are opening up their cool tricks. From January 12 to January 20, users will only need to download the cool open A2/N2/U2 TVs from the cool official website, Tmall/Taobao,, and Suning. You can enjoy the benefits of straight down and a thousand dollars. Let's take a look at the following.
The products for which welfare was sent out include Coolo's A2/N2/U2 TV series. These TVs are all new products released by Coolo in 2016. Among them, the A2 was released in May. The main design is HIFI, and U2 is the main design. N2 and N2 were released in September and October respectively. U2’s flagship games and value-for-money, N2 is a comprehensive consideration.
The first is the Kukai A2 series. This series of products is the first product after the first cool-fit design. The design of this series of televisions is very clever. It combines the separate Soundbar and the TV body, and this independent Sound Bar has 8 JBL independent speakers, can bring you HIFI-level sound experience. Not only that, cool open A2 series also has a powerful configuration, the aircraft uses the so-called TV Snapdragon 820 Mstar6A938 chip, and with 2GB of memory, reached the current flagship level. The screen is using the LG's original IPS 4K hard screen, plus HDR decoding + MEMC motion compensation technology, you can make the picture fidelity is vivid.
Followed by the cool open U2 series, this series of products is another open market segment proposed by Cool Open - the first product of the game TV, this machine in addition to the function of conventional smart TV, but also through the cloud game, Let Smart TV achieve support for console games. At the same time, we can see console game masterpieces such as Assassin's Creed, Batman, and Street Fighter 4 on the cool cloud game platform. Game TV is not a slogan. And because of the support of the console game, the configuration of the game TV is naturally not low. Cool open 50U2 uses a 20-core core processor and 2GB of core storage, which provides superior performance guarantee for game TV, and GPU + Association The combination of processors brings a qualitative leap in game performance.
Finally, the flagship Terminator has opened the N2 series. From the name, it can be seen that this TV is not only configured high, but also cost-effective. Cool open N2 series can be used as game consoles to support the host game through the cloud platform, followed by configuration on the cool open N2 series is not ambiguous, not only configured with 24 core processor core, and with 2GB of memory, which allows The machine can be as smooth as water in terms of gaming experience or video playback. In terms of screens, the LG IPS hard screen 4K LCD panel imported from South Korea is used, and HDR decoding + MEMC motion compensation technology will make the entire picture vivid and vivid.
The TV series of these three series of cool open, each with different functions, can meet the needs of various types of friends. When the Spring Festival is approaching, it will be a pleasant and pleasant year to exchange a TV for the family.
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Din-rail Power Supply

Din-rail Power Supply

din rail power supply, it include 12v din rail power supply and din rail ups

din rail power supply have 36W and 60W, din rail ups with 7AH battery.

Being available for charging battery


Wide input range: 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

Easy for the installation and can move in the rail follow CCTV when working

Cooling by free air convection

LED indicator for power on

Protection: short circuit, over current, overload, over voltage.

Efficiency 85%

100% full load burn-in test

3 years warranty

Product application:

Suitable for home automation, CCTV, security camera and led lighting

Din-rail Power supply Image

12v Power supply

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