BA328 dual-channel preamplifier circuit

BA328 stereo preamplifier circuit

The BA328 has a dual preamplifier circuit. It has few external components and is easy to install. It has a single 8-pin in-line package. The circuit features are as follows: wide operating voltage range, low noise, high open-loop gain, and good balance of left and right channels. Commonly used in tape recorders, car stereo radios and home audio equipment.

The limit parameters of BA328 are as follows: maximum power supply voltage 18V, maximum power consumption: 540mW, working temperature: -25-70 ℃.

BA328 application circuit

BA532 application circuit
BA532 audio power amplifier circuit

BA532 and low frequency power amplifier circuit for OTL circuit, output power up to 5.8W, built-in load short circuit, overvoltage and overheat protection circuit, single row 10-pin package, circuit features are:
When the power supply voltage is 13.8V, 8Ω load impedance, THD = 10%, the output power can reach 5.8W, the ripple rejection ratio is as high as 40dB, the pin is the same as BA511A, BA521. Commonly used as a power output circuit in car stereo radio recorders, radios, televisions and tape recorders.

BA532BTL power amplifier circuit

BA536 application circuit
BA536 4.5W dual channel power amplifier circuit

BA536 is a two-channel audio power amplifier circuit, it has a good channel balance, small gain difference, 12-pin DIP single in-line package, the circuit has the following characteristics:
The output power is 4.5W per channel (4Ω load impedance at 12V power supply voltage), 5.5W (3Ω load impedance at 12V power supply voltage). Ripple rejection ratio 55dB, distortion degree: THD = 1.5% (when Po = 0.5W), crosstalk is less than 57dB, working voltage 5-12V, can easily form a BTL circuit.
Limit parameter: Vcc = 18V, power consumption: working temperature: -20-75 ℃.

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