BOSE Soundlink Mini2 Black Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker Sun Single + Anti-counterfeiting Verification + Cross-border Shopping Experience

The Bose Soundlink mini2 has been pushed several times by the site recently, and the price is always around 1200. Because of listening to a friend's mini-generation, this volume of speakers is indeed sound quality is basically no rival. Just three mothers pushed to a cross-border network black gold limit 1399, the face value, this B, I'm sorry I could not hold back, I will start.

However, this site has not heard, ah, will there be false? Besides, we must also look at the prices of other homes before picking them up. I will first go to Meiya to see it, Meiya is only black and white, the price is 179 knives.

Then go to the Bose official website to see it, the official website is still active in early February, three-color is all 179 knives, I calculated to buy a black gold version plus transfer to hand but also about 1400, if tax, at least 200 again. This price is not as good as buying a licensed one, so I decided to give up Amoy.

Searched in the station, the sun single on this site and the original set of the West is not much, limited edition mini2 even did not see a single sun. Because of concerns that mini2 is now a lot of fakes in the market, there are some ways to distinguish between true and false (I will introduce below), cross-border anyway support 7 days no reason to return, no big deal return. The old man uses the body as a bait to try this site in the end color how it.

When I went to the cross-border network to buy, the ordinary price of 1469, VIP1399 yuan. But how can a new number become a VIP? A look at the VIP application of the website requires a lot of hard bars. The average player can't meet it at all, but now the new version goes online and there is no requirement. The application will be approved for VIP. After I applied for it, I received an SMS message about 5 minutes later and congratulated me on getting the VIP. What are you waiting for? Go directly to the order!

The order was successful on February 8. The seller shipped the goods on February 9. I waited for the start of the express (ji).

At this time, when I was doing nothing, I went to the Internet and saw that there was a bad review under the black gold version of the website. Did the speaker be a fake and it also lost paint? ? ? My heart suddenly did not calm, why this evaluation is still 5 stars? Isn't it a matter of minute to change what you evaluate as a website? Abandoned, it is certainly the administrator to manually change a star rating to 5 stars, but did not see the content of the comment. Otherwise, it would not be logical to explain why fakes can give 5 stars.

This time, I had serious doubts about the goods sent by this website. I began to regret why I was so cheap. There are also friends directly in the news message that this site has something wrong? What is it? Is it genuine but scratches or roots are fakes?

domestic BOSE Soundlink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black Gold Limited Edition 1399 yuan package tax-specific acoustic technology, excellent bass performance, limited edition package of good price. Cross-border network price of 1399 yuan package tax, lower than the previous recommendation, there are like this color of black gold, you can consider starting. The BOSESoundLinkMini II Bluetooth speaker uses a number of Bose's proprietary acoustic, mechanical and electrical technologies. The most prominent passive dual-film resonance technology can make small volume BOSESoundLinkMini values ​​159 Comments 59 Favorites 96 Direct Links View Details

It wasn't easy until the 18th, ems delivered to me (in fact, this speed is already very fast), I uneasy to open the machine. Follow the online tutorial to start the inspection. Follow the steps to write how to verify genuine bose:

First, the SN number, the original should be two codes in one, that is, the appearance of the SN code on the appearance and the number on the back of the machine should be the same.

Second, verify that there are no scratches on the interface, there is no trace of use, because sometimes the goods are genuine, but may be refurbished.

Third, weighing. In accordance with Baidu bose bar a lot of friends to share, you can basically determine the weight of the machine bare about 666g, charging base about 79g. My own machine, weighing 662g body, taking into account the possible scale error, so be it. Of course, the individual weight measurement can not completely explain that it is genuine, because the weight JS can be completely simulated, so it can only be used as an auxiliary detection method.

Fourth, look at the machine work, genuine edge, the details are very good, because of the cost of fakes, must not be able to do particular meticulous, otherwise the quality up, and the cost is more expensive than genuine money?

Fifth, the most critical point is that it can be upgraded online. At present, it is the most decisive proof of true and false. Genuine products can be upgraded online. The website address is as follows. If the firmware is already up-to-date, it will prompt the following picture. As you can see, the prompt language can also be switched on the web page. PS. Can change the language without networking, press and hold the multifunction key + volume plus key.

Ah, ah, don't scold me with a knife. Why don't you write this article first? Let the readers watch so much nonsense. Because the current search on the Internet, no one has reflected that fake goods can also be updated online, but later does not rule out fakes can also do this, so this article can only be applied at present, so we must combine the previous details to determine true and false.

Sixth, the genuine system can switch all kinds of languages. The counterfeit goods are said to be only in English, because I do not have fakes, so I can only use other people's things. (quoted by)

7. After Bluetooth connects to the system, the real product will read the English name of your device. For example, it will read: “Connected to oscar mate8”. Fake only prompt connected.

8, my new product will have a good smell of sandalwood, new mobile phones have this taste of anything, renovation or counterfeit goods should not be this taste.

Through the inspection of the above steps, plus the inspection of the ear, I determined that it was genuine. Bose's bass is such an ecstasy that you can't forget. Flexible, not head. Another, the machine is European version, so the connectors are all European plug. Put a few mini2 photos, black gold is really beautiful. (Because my photography technology is limited, everyone can see what they can do.)

I don't have much to say about the sound quality. The pioneers in the other colors of the sun have already said enough detail. I'll give you a hint. The sound is not suitable for loud sounds and listening at a distance.

Summary: For the mini2, black gold, I am very satisfied, the only thing that is a bit regrettable is that mini2 does not support the high-definition Bluetooth protocol. In addition, I always feel that it is Northeast flavor, because I am the reason for the Northeast? Hahaha.

I am also very satisfied with this cross-border shopping trip. Things are genuine, the price is very beautiful. The site is tax-inclusive, but this time it was not taxed and did not experience the thrill of tax refunds.

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