Global LED business opportunities are surging, how is the "lights" layout?

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The Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" not only created the most bullish box office in history, but also demonstrated the colorful future of global LED lighting technology. The elimination of incandescent lamps from Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other places, to the Copenhagen conference to promote global energy-saving and carbon-reduction, LED green environmental protection industries to replace traditional industries is the general trend. Global LED "green lighting" business opportunities surging, "China's lighting capital" ancient town how to layout? Has it begun to integrate the surrounding industry resources into the era of new light sources? How will it break through the shortcomings of weak policies and scarce talents? The newspaper plans to launch five series of reports on “Trends, Strategy, Enterprise, Innovation and Vision” recently, inviting entrepreneurs, experts and policy makers to jointly create a new LED industry. Looking for a development path.

How big is the LED "green lighting" business opportunity?

The fantastic illuminating plants and creatures in the movie "Avatar" are achieved by LED lighting technology. And people "crazy" to pursue LED technology, not only because of its rich color, but also because it meets the common goal of the current global countries to develop a low-carbon economy.

LED has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption, long life, rich color and vibration resistance. The industry calls LED the fourth revolution in human lighting. In recent years, there have been timetables for LEDs to replace incandescent lamps around the world. In the past two years, China has issued a number of policies to promote the development of new energy industries including LED. The LED industry in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Shandong and other provinces and cities has formed a fierce competition, grabbing national policy opportunities and industrial resources.

Although LED companies are still trapped in technical bottlenecks and constrained the development of the entire industry, the future market seems to be more optimistic. According to survey data, the output value of LED lighting and related industries in Guangdong is expected to exceed 80 billion yuan in 2015, and the Pearl River Delta region will become a global LED lighting industry cluster. According to a survey conducted in Dengdu Ancient Town, orders from enterprises increased significantly from 2009 to 2010. Liu Zhenhua, manager of the production and operation department of Guzhen Shanmu Display Co., Ltd. described: “There are many orders in 2009 that make us unable to stand up. 2010 will only be better.” Yu Jinmin, managing director of Songpu Lighting, Guzhen Enterprise, said: “We invested in reserves in 2009. In 2010, orders increased substantially, and the one-month list exceeded the whole year of last year.” Huang Yiguang, technical consultant of Huayi LED Division, said that the development of LED industry at home and abroad has been very rapid in recent years, especially in terms of demand. Nearly 20% growth.

The global LED industry demand is indeed showing rapid growth. According to the evaluation of internationally renowned research institutions, the potential demand for global LED chips in 2010 was 229.7 billion, and the global lighting market was between 70-80 billion US dollars. Driven by the Olympic Games and the World Expo, China's LED industry will continue the "explosive" development of last year, showing the trend of "all the stars."

Zhongshan comprehensively lays out the development of LED industry

As major cities have successively launched “green lighting” plans for urban roads and public places, the national green city lighting promotion plan is gradually climax, and the LED industry has experienced explosive growth in 2009. For example, LED giants in Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan have successively entered the market for competition; Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and other provinces and cities have set up high-profile LED industry bases to attract investment. In the Pearl River Delta region, Shenzhen has benefited from the advantages of talents and scientific and technological resources to become the leading LED area in China, and the rapid deployment of LED industry in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Jiangmen and Huizhou.

In Zhongshan, the lighting industry cluster centered on the ancient town has been radiated to 11 towns in the vicinity of Henglan, Xiaolan, Jiangmen, Jianghai and Hetang, forming a cluster of Zhongshan lighting industry. The development of LED lighting industry has also laid a certain foundation. And advantages. As the development trend of the global LED industry has become clear, the Zhongshan industrial cluster that is good at capturing business opportunities has also accelerated its layout. The determination of the city government to integrate the new energy industry this year seems even greater. From the seminar on the development of new energy industry held at the beginning of the opening year, to the "Proposal on Establishing a National New Energy Industry Base" submitted by the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Li Qihong during the two sessions this year, and then set a new "3·28" this year. The energy industry special exhibition area indicates that Zhongshan is accelerating the development of new energy industry with practical actions.

At the same time as the Zhongshan Town of Zhongshan LED and solar energy industry is working hard, the surrounding towns of Xiaolan Town, Jiangmen City, Banfu Town and even Shenwan Town have also been highly developed. The municipal government also intends to guide the five old towns into an industrial belt with a Gushen Highway to cultivate new industrial clusters. The industrial division of several towns is relatively clear. The ancient town focuses on technology application, LED lighting design and development and development of the market, and establishes a new LED lighting industry cluster with neighboring towns such as Henglan, while Xiaolan focuses on light source technology research and development. , Banfu and Shenwan have land advantages.

At present, the city's LED industry has already had a certain foundation. According to incomplete statistics, the output value of the LED industry in the city has exceeded 5 billion yuan last year, and the industrial growth momentum is strong.

How to layout the "lights" ancient town?

Looking at the Pearl River Delta LED industry, Shenzhen is the leading company in Dongguan, Foshan, Jiangmen and Huizhou. The LED package output from these regions accounts for about 70% of the country. Then, the ancient town

In what direction does the LED force?

In the ancient town of “Lights”, which has a market share of 60% to 70% in domestic lighting products, it will naturally not miss the new LED light source market. As the leader of China's lighting industry, the ancient town has always been focusing on practical work. It has been paying attention to the LED industry for many years. Its LED industry has also taken solid steps. The LED output value has exceeded 3.5 billion yuan, accounting for the total output value of the relevant industries in the city. More than half of the country. From the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2010, the ancient town government has once again made efforts to establish a “New Energy Industry Development Leading Office”. This is an independent government organization that will directly influence the future direction of the LED and solar industry in Guzhen. Along with this, there is also a strategic plan for LED and solar industry development with multiple policies. With the introduction of this strategic plan, a series of related development projects such as “One Base, Five Centers, and One Demonstration Project” will be fully launched. According to their own industrial base and advantages, Guzhen decided to take a different road from other towns: led by the market, specializing in the LED lighting application market, firmly grasping the "engine" that drives the development of upstream links. In 2010, the ancient town government's series of highly dynamic actions aimed at the LED lighting application field as the "main battlefield", playing a beautiful "tough battle", rapidly expanding the scale and influence of its LED industry, and creating a new industrial cluster. .

Looking to the future, I believe that Zhongshan's LED lighting industry, driven by the city's government resources integration and advantageous layout policies, the Zhongshan lighting industry with the core of the ancient town can be invincible in the current fierce competition of the LED lighting industry.

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