How much power does the charger consume?

I believe that most people’s homes are filled with large and small chargers. Everyone knows that this will consume power slowly, but they don’t think so. So how much electricity does this situation consume? You will know after reading some of the data below. It is recommended that you unplug the charger when it is not charging.

With the development of smart phones, mobile phones consume more and more power, which has also led to the current smart phones being charged almost once a day, or even several times a day. Therefore, for the convenience of use, many people leave the charger on the socket all the time, but they do not realize that this power consumption is very scary. If one-eighth of the country's 1 billion mobile phone users leave the charger on the socket, it will consume enough power to run 6,000 home air conditioners at the same time. At this time, we can't help but wonder why the charger consumes power, how much power will it consume, and will other home appliances consume power?

Why does the charger consume power?

Most mobile phone chargers are switching power supplies, which first rectify 220V into direct current, then pass high-frequency conversion, couple through pulse transformers, and output low-voltage direct current through unidirectional rectification. Even if there is no output current, the high-frequency conversion part is still working and needs to consume some power. For example, the control circuit in the charger mainly senses whether the mobile phone is connected to the charger. When the charger is not connected to the mobile phone, the control circuit is also working. Another example is the load components (indicators of individual chargers), which are also working when they are plugged into the power source, and will consume part of the electrical energy. In short, devices such as chargers will inevitably consume power when plugged into the power source.

How much power will the charger consume?

In fact, no-load power consumption of a single charger is not large. The communication industry standard of the People’s Republic of China yd-t1591-2009 "Technical requirements and test methods for mobile communication terminal power adapters and charging/data interfaces" states that the rated output current of the power adapter should be within the range of 500 mA to 1500 mA , Determined by the manufacturer. When the power adapter has no load energy consumption, the power consumption is less than 150 milliwatts. The regular chargers we use will meet the relevant national standards. But as mentioned above, if most users' chargers are left on the power supply, the accumulated power consumption is still very shocking.

Will other home appliances consume electricity?

The chargers commonly used in our homes are nothing more than adapters for mobile phones, computers or other electronic devices. These will consume power to varying degrees when there is no load. And other devices in our home, such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., consume electricity when in standby. The home appliance manufacturers will go through the corresponding standby power consumption test before the products leave the factory. Generally, there will be measuring equipment such as power meters set on the production line at this time. Determine whether it meets national standards and whether it can be shipped from the factory through the measurement results.

When testing the standby power consumption of home appliances, the domestic ZHIYUAN Electronics PA300 series digital power meter adopts a brand-new design architecture and has many optimizations in low-power measurement. The minimum measurement current is as low as 50μA, and the power consumption as low as 0.01W can be measured. , In line with international standards (IEC62301, Energy Star, SPECpower) testing. In addition, the PA300 series of digital power meters have a sampling rate of up to 500KS/s and a bandwidth of 300KHz, which can measure higher frequency signals and meet the power consumption measurement of new technology products such as variable frequency home appliances and switching power supplies.

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