How smart home control systems work

Smarthomecontrolsystems (SCS), does this name sound complicated? Now let me take a detailed look at the principles of the smart home control system and understand how it works for us.

Introduction to smart home control system

It is based on the residential platform, home appliances and household appliances as the main control object, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to efficiently integrate the home life related facilities to build an efficient residential The control and management system for facilities and family schedules enhances home intelligence, safety, convenience, comfort, and achieves an integrated smart home network control system platform that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The smart home control system is the core of smart home and is the basis for the realization of smart home control functions.

System features of smart home control system

1. The system is flexible. In general, the smart home control system is composed of various subsystems through a network communication system. You can reduce or add subsystems to meet your needs as needed.

2. Convenient operation and management. All devices controlled by the smart home can be operated by human-machine interfaces such as mobile phones, tablets, touch screens, etc., which is very convenient.

3. The scene control function is rich. Various control modes can be set, such as home mode, home mode, rain mode, birthday mode, banquet mode, energy saving mode, etc., which greatly satisfy the quality of life.

4. Information resource sharing. The temperature, humidity and dryness of the home can be released to the Internet to form an entire regional environmental monitoring point, providing effective and valuable information for environmental monitoring.

5. Easy to install and debug. Plug and play, especially wireless, allows you to quickly deploy your system.

Energy-saving control of smart home control system

1. Automatic lighting;

2. Efficient lighting fixtures;

3. Power monitoring and equipment efficiency.

4, remote control window curtains, similar to smart sunshade (electric curtains).

5, solar panels

6, solar products

7. Water and sprinkler management is similar to automatic watering of flowers and plants.

8. Housing energy-saving renovation

9, wind power generation

How smart home control systems work

Command launch fragmentation

The command transmits a fragmentary function. It is important to receive various types of sensing signals through various types of sensing devices, and trigger control commands. Perhaps through human conscious remote control, manually trigger the corresponding transmitting intelligent device to recover control commands, such as: temperature and humidity sensors. Collecting temperature and humidity change data in the room, setting the triggering requirements for temperature and humidity changes according to demand. When the temperature or humidity reaches the preset triggering requirement, the control command is retracted; when the temperature is high, the air conditioner starts to cool, when the temperature is low. The air conditioner starts to heat up. If the brightness sensor is installed, when the indoor light brightness is sufficient, the preset light is actively closed, and when the indoor light brightness is insufficient, the preset light is actively turned on. If the human body sensor is guarded, when the person is armed, it will be detected when someone is active, and the phone alarm will be triggered immediately. When the device is not armed, the person will be activated and the preset light will be activated. When no one is detected, the light will be actively closed. The completion of these few scenes is done by various sensors to actively trigger the intelligent control. Of course, it can also manually trigger the control commands manually, for example, after various types of intelligent remote control, wall smart panel, and home LAN. Constraining a computer to trigger control commands indirectly, if the person is not indoors, can also control all the equipment in the room through telephone or INTERNET long-distance control.

Command execution fragmentation

For example, turning on or off the lights is important to complete through the smart panel. After receiving various control commands, the smart panel passes the parsing and decoding, drives the corresponding strong electric drive circuit, and turns the light control back on or off. In addition, the control of equipment such as electrical appliances and curtains is the same. When the digital curtain switch receives the control command, it immediately drives the corresponding circuit of the electric curtain motor to be turned on or off. Switch control. About the control of infrared home appliances, such as: air conditioners, televisions, DVDs, etc., after the body sensor is installed in the ceiling, the body sensor immediately forwards the control signal to the corresponding infrared command after receiving the control signal, like control Infrared control commands such as switching, playing, and pause of the DVD player. Regarding the completion of the security alarm function, when the digital security module receives the control command, it will switch to the corresponding voice signal and dial the preset telephone number alarm. Regarding the control intelligence of background music, the digital audio and video center of gravity, after receiving the control command, immediately switches the external source circuit and starts playing the source. Therefore, when various types of complex scene commands are triggered, for example: "cinema" scene key triggering, the corresponding command execution device fragmentation is decoded according to the received command and the control commands are executed together, therefore, the corresponding lights, appliances, curtains The background music starts with a one-sided preset task and reaches the preset scene effect.

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