Hyper-stimulus RTS VR game "Tactera" welcomes major updates

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As the highest rated real-time strategy VR game "Tactera" on Gear VR, it will usher in a major update on August 3 to improve some of the game's flaws.

This game was created by the genius McNeill, who launched the first virtual reality hacker game "Darknet." In order to compete for the battlefield, the player will take command of the avatar commander and deploy tanks, planes, artillery shells, and troops on a holographic screen that appears before the eyes, as if in a movie. Tactera offers a variety of game modes, including single player and online mode, to bring you a real immersive 3D gaming experience.

According to McNeill's email content, the update on August 3 will bring "difficult mode" and "professional mode" to this VR game. The player can unlock these modes only by winning the match in the race mode and the game will be more in depth. And difficulty. In addition, "Tactera" also brings a brand new enhanced AI model for all players, including experienced players, and powerful opponents to ensure the level of game competition and challenges.

At present, "Tactera" has already supported the multiplayer online interactive mode, in which players can play online with small partners. The slightly mediocre sound problems in the game will also be changed. The new sound effects and visual effects will make you feel different in virtual reality games.

"Tactera" has been added to the Oculus App Store for $9.99. It is reported that at the same time when the game version is updated on August 3, it will launch a 10% discount.

The article is provided by Baidu VR Community and will continue to bring you the latest and best VR game news reports. Stay tuned.

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