LED market will expand significantly this year

Fang Zhilie, a professor at Fudan University, said recently that from the technical indicators completed in previous years, the development of semiconductor lighting technology is much faster than originally planned. The luminous efficiency Ф5 LED has reached 2491m/W, the power LED has reached 208lm/W, and the market product power LED has reached 130lm/W. The international semiconductor lighting application market is developing steadily, and the domestic market is developing rapidly.

In 2009, there were 153 MOCVD equipment in China, and the output of chips increased by 25% compared with 2008, reaching 2.3 billion yuan, and the package reached 20.4 billion yuan. Power LEDs and SMD LEDs are growing faster. In 2010, it is expected to increase to 28 billion yuan. In terms of the application market, the output value of China's LED application products in 2009 has exceeded 60 billion yuan.

Professor Fang said that China's semiconductor lighting industry has entered a period of significant historical opportunities for independent innovation and leapfrog development. In the past two years, China has become an LED full color screen, LED road traffic signal light, solar LED light, landscape lighting and other application products, the world's largest production and exporting countries and internationally important LED device packaging base, and established a complete semiconductor lighting industry. Chain, the emerging semiconductor lighting industry is being built, and the industry scale is expected to reach 500 billion yuan in 2015.

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