Lions Gate Studios Shoots Fat Keen's Movie to Become a VR Game

Tencent Digital News (Compiler: Rabbit) Although Lions Gate is one of the largest movie companies in Hollywood, it is very optimistic about the prospects of virtual reality technology, but this does not mean that all future movies will become the stage of virtual reality technology.

According to Peter Levin, president of Lionsgate Interactive and Entertainment, the goal of building a virtual reality project must be "very obvious". For example, Peter Levin plans to create a film "Impossible Task" first-person design game starring famous star Keanu Reeves (Lee Lee) and plans to launch it at the GamesBeat 2016 conference in Ranchos Palos Verde, California.

It is reported that 11 partners, including MGM, will jointly build this virtual reality game. Levin said that he has seen a new medium that can span from the creators to the players. Lions Gate’s main advantage is to leverage the needs of developers and reactivate the new potential of its 16,000 different film and television media (including “Hunger Games” and “Power Rangers”).

It is reported that the Impossible Task will completely preserve the authenticity of the movie while demonstrating the keynote of the movie while demonstrating the whole movie process through virtual reality. It is reported that this game will be unveiled on the HTC Vive platform in the fourth quarter of 2016 and will be launched on other platforms soon.


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