Mass production of China's first billion-level concurrent cloud server system

China's high-performance computing leader Zhongke Shuguang announced in Tianjin on the 29th that the Shuguang Xinghe cloud server system was officially mass-produced. This is China's first billion-level concurrent cloud server system, and also a major project achievement of the “100-level concurrent cloud server system development” in the information technology field of the National 863 Program during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

Nie Hua, senior vice president of Zhongke Shuguang, said that the Shuguang Xinghe cloud server system adopts a new domestic design system architecture, and its formal mass production marks that China's cloud computing industry has a secure and controllable cloud server system.

As an important part of the new generation information technology industry, cloud computing has gradually become a key support for the development of the digital economy, big data and Internet industries. At the same time, the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, "Internet +" and market demand has also put forward higher requirements for cloud computing infrastructure equipment, calling for a new server system that is more suitable for cloud applications.

In this context, the “100-level concurrent cloud server system development” project team led by Zhongke Shuguang presents the characteristics of low computing resource demand, high concurrent access demand and large amount of information query for a large number of cloud computing applications. And the key technologies have realized three breakthroughs for the cloud, billion-level concurrency, security and control, and established a cloud server architecture standard with domestic technology as the core.

According to Nie Hua, the Shuguang Xinghe Cloud Server System is a new server system that is designed to meet the typical application requirements of cloud computing. It has a performance-to-power ratio and overall service capability that is significantly improved compared to traditional architecture servers. It is a new server system with low cost, high power and high efficiency. The problem that traditional servers do not match cloud applications.

“Compared with the traditional architecture, the performance and power consumption of the Shuguang Xinghe cloud server system is more than 3 times, the cost is reduced by 70%, and the system complexity is reduced by 60%. Compared with the best traditional architecture servers in the industry, the space consumption is reduced by 50. %." Sha Chaoqun, vice president of Zhongke Shuguang, said.

It is understood that the Shuguang Xinghe cloud server system has been deployed and deployed on China Telecom's Tianyi Cloud, China UnionPay's Lianyungang platform, and China Education TV's educational new media cloud, and has been actively recognized by users.

Over the years, under the support of the national “863” program, Zhongke Shuguang has been committed to the exploration and research and development of high-performance computers, and has successfully developed billions of times and petaflops of high-performance computer systems.

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