Microsoft's ambition: Combine PC and Smartphone in the future

Tencent Digital (compilation: Mi Ke) For most people, computers and digital devices usually mean two different products. We mainly use computers, desktop PCs, and notebooks to work and use mobile devices like smart phones to manage our lives. But basically most people don’t connect computers and smartphones together, let alone open up the data. Of course, for Microsoft's users, it is absolutely impossible for their equipment to be so "lonely". Now that Microsoft is working hard to open up PCs and smart phones through the Windows 10 system, we can also run PC desktop applications on smart phones in the future.

Microsoft said that in the future, users can run Windows 10 systems on x86-based devices equipped with Snapdragon 835 processors, and various applications need only a little modification of the code to achieve this goal. In the future, desktop applications such as Photoshop, Chrome, and HD Video can run on the Snapdragon 835 processor's smartphone, so the boundaries between PCs and smart phones will become even more blurred for users in the future.

And this change is different from the previous Windows RT, basically the two are completely the opposite. The previous Windows RT was smart running mobile apps on tablets, but now we can run desktop apps on smart phones. One day, we can even abandon the computer directly and connect the monitor to a smart phone, which can directly replace the PC to complete the daily work.

Source: digitaltrends

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