Skyworth G7 Chinese Dream of Making Smart TV "Hard"

From traditional television to smart TV to the rapid upgrading of “Internet Plus,” the universal era of smart TV has begun to spread to every household in China. Smart TVs on the market today are becoming smarter and closer to people, whether they are design, performance, or price setting. Consumers can enjoy a good experience with little money. With the increase in the popularity of smart TVs, brand competition in the smart TV industry has become more intense, and consumers have also begun to pay close attention to the quality of smart TVs. However, from the comprehensive performance of the three major purchase criteria of smart TVs: “hardware”, “system” and “content”, there are not many “hard goods” on the market.

On the one hand, many manufacturers are eager to infiltrate the market. In order to win the price war, they do not hesitate to reduce hardware costs and drastically reduce the core “hardware” quality of smart TVs. On the other hand, these manufacturers lack social responsibility and cause the “artisan spirit” to be lost. The technical standards of the entire industry have been lowered, blocking the road to national industrial upgrading.

Under such a turbulent industry background, in mid-July, Skyworth, the leader of the national enterprise, launched a new heavyweight product, the Skyworth G7, which made the entire smart TV market shine.

Skyworth G7 is the flagship product of Skyworth's "China Dream Series" and is the crystallization of Skyworth's 28 years of growing innovation and constant exploration, embodying the dream of each Skyworth person and representing the highest level of the entire industry. At the same time, the Skyworth G7 is also closely linked to the national development strategy, bearing the ingenuity of the "National Industrial China Dream."

Excellent screen, enjoyable visual enjoyment

Originated from Skyworth's constant pursuit and exploration of technology, Skyworth G7 is almost perfect in terms of screen configuration. The screen uses 4-color HDR industry-standard image quality technology. This is a high-end HDR developed by Skyworth and LG Display. It far surpasses ordinary HDR and can accurately control the brightness and contrast. The reduction of real images is as high as 90%.

Excellent acoustics, reverberating sounds

Skyworth G7 investment in audio hardware can be described as cost. Skyworth G7's auditory surprise comes from its newly upgraded second-generation Dolby engine audio Geek Bar2.0. This is an independent brand jointly developed by Skyworth and the US Dolby Laboratories. It is purely Chinese-made, pure and high-quality manufacturing, and surpasses international quality. Geek Bar2.0 sound perfect, pouring out, every time listening is concert-like extreme feelings.

Excellent processor, carefree and intelligent experience

The total number of Skyworth G7 processors is as high as 25, and 8 independently-operated chips have been set up. The user experience has been fully enhanced both visually and operationally. In addition, Skyworth G7 is equipped with a brand new upgraded Coolopen system 5.5, which is simpler and more content-rich.

Excellent content, solid content to meet the diverse needs of users

When the hardware configuration far exceeds the industry standard, Skyworth G7 does not ignore the input on the content. In order to fully cater for the diverse needs of users, Skyworth collaborates with iQiyi to launch the “buy TV, send content” policy. When consumers purchase Skyworth G7 TV, they can enjoy the iQiyi VIP membership privilege for free for one year. The popular movie episodes are free to watch.

As a hard product in the industry, the emergence of Skyworth G7 is undoubtedly a confidence and benchmark for the development of national industry. Whether it is the early days of TV development or the rise of Internet TV brands, TV is ultimately a physical appliance. Hardware configuration is its foundation and the soul of the manufacturing industry.

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