Some understandings on the design of environmental lighting in residential quarters

In recent years, with the continuous and stable economic construction of our country and the continuous deepening of the reform of housing and housing, the rapid development of urban residential quarters in China is obvious to all. People pay attention to and pursue the surrounding environment and internal planning of the community, so that the content of planning and design is constantly expanding and extending. The huge artistic appeal of light undoubtedly makes the development of light culture and light technology and the community synchronously. The light environment of the community has a very important impact on the overall image of the modern community and the living of the residents. However, the problems that exist should be of concern to the majority of designers.

1 Lighting quality of residential community environment The environmental lighting design of residential community mainly includes: residential square, road, greening, publicity kiosk (corridor), environmental decoration and so on. A variety of artificial lighting combined with dynamic and static forms a spatial visual effect of the nighttime scenes of the community. However, night lighting in modern residential quarters is not just a simple process from no light to gradual lighting, but with visual comfort, proper atmosphere rendering, proper lighting selection, reasonable illumination levels and brightness distribution, and The application of modern intelligent control systems, etc., is the quality of lighting in residential areas. Only in this way, the environmental lighting of the community can better meet the visual and psychological needs of people. At present, in the environmental lighting design of many communities, there is a tendency to ignore functional lighting and one-sided pursuit of decorative lighting. For example, the selection of lamps in the main road, branch road and central square is unreasonable. The light source in the transparent lampshade does not have anti-glare treatment, and only people do not take photos; some lamps have opposite reflection angles, and the light is directed to the sky, and the effective illumination of the road surface. Lower; the lamp position of the road lacks careful study and is freely arranged. Inappropriate lighting selection not only caused excessive cost, but also destroyed the landscape of the community.

2 Lighting design creativity and “humanistic characteristics” of residential community environment The huge scale and development space of urban residential community construction has attracted the participation of many design units and lighting manufacturers. Everyone often learns, communicates and organizes visits. The consequent consequences are: “One hundred districts” “the lighting design of the residential community environment is not enough, and the communities imitate each other, especially in the lighting design of the residential square. In fact, the humanistic characteristics of the residential community "It is very obvious.

Square and road lighting should meet the safety requirements of identifying and improving visual ergonomics; different lighting standards, light colors, square lights and street lights installation height, spacing and different styles of lamps should be conducive to clarifying the planning of community squares and residential roads. pattern. The greening and water body lighting of the square is the most expressive part of creating the night vision of the community. The lighting equipment such as buried lights, lawn lights and underwater lights should be provided according to the tree species, vegetation, water surface size and fountain shape of the community.

3 Light pollution control and energy saving measures to strengthen the control of light pollution is a very important thing.

Residential buildings are not suitable for floodlighting or various excessive decorative lighting, and should maintain a quiet living atmosphere. Close to the small garden or green space of the house, in order to brighten, use the green spotlights with higher power, which will affect the living and living of the residents; secondly, the people who are active in the green space will have visual discomfort (glare, face) Abnormal light color of the department). Saving energy, protecting the environment, and improving lighting quality are the main purposes of implementing green lighting programs in countries around the world. Lighting energy saving means (turn down to page 13). The North District Convention and Exhibition Center building is the main venue for one session. From the appearance, the roof of the exhibition center is wavy like the edge of Zhuge Kongming. Here, we designed a large and brilliant garden lantern for the square, with a height of 6m, and the pattern of the architectural style of the magnificent exhibition center building is seen. This type of lamp is similar to the seesaw, watching the rivers rushing, and the hundreds of battles are like a little sail, and the feelings of relaxation are wide.

The translucent lampshade adopts the imported self-cleaning soft-light tension film technology. This technology is still the first in China, and it is the first attempt in the field of lighting industry. The light sculpture film technology uses the light to directly illuminate the light-transmissive film to produce a illuminating sculptural piece, which creates a three-dimensional sense of radiant light and shadow.

Light sculptural sketches: (1) simple, beautiful, like sail surface modeling; (2) light diffuse, infiltrating space vision. This kind of luminaire is profound and profound, showing the broad mind of Xiangfan people to accommodate Baichuan. The revitalization of Xiangfan is just around the corner.

The beautiful atmosphere comes from the light. The completion of Zhuge Liang Square has greatly enhanced the influence of Xiangfan City in the whole country. The combination of Chinese classical tradition and modern atmosphere, the art landscape lighting design makes people forget about it, spreads Zhuge culture, interprets lighting fashion, and achieves “day view, night”. The effect of the "lights", the investment in art landscape lighting is very small compared to the entire plaza environment, but the artistic expression and magic are irresistible, and the brilliant landscape at night must be expressed through the light, so it should be caused The lighting industry's designers pay extensive attention to it.

(Continued from page 4) Save energy by adopting energy-efficient and efficient lighting products, improving quality and optimizing lighting design. For the environmental lighting design of residential quarters, in addition to the use of high-efficiency light sources and the use of high-efficiency energy-saving lighting products according to the specific parts used, there is a huge potential for energy saving in the rational design of lighting. First of all, it is necessary to control the appropriate illuminance standards, and select different illuminance values ​​according to different parts and requirements. Secondly, it is necessary to select a reasonable lighting method to avoid energy waste caused by improper lighting methods, and the effect on lighting effects is not too big. Under the above, priority should be given to energy-saving schemes, such as changing large-area floodlighting to focused local lighting; again, reasonable choice of light source and lighting source should use high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, no or less incandescent lamps For light sources with low light efficiency; finally, it is also necessary to consider the selection of lamps to meet the requirements of functions and effects, and to fully and effectively utilize the light to maximize the utilization of light energy. At present, in many lighting projects, the light distribution curve of the selected floodlight does not match the application place, and the light distribution curve that is suitable according to the shape of the illuminated surface and the spatial angle of the floodlight is not selected. The plate-type reflector cover lamps with lower symmetrical light distribution not only have a relatively uniform distribution of light on the illuminated surface, but also have low effective utilization of light, and many "light passes" are scattered and wasted.

4 security issues are not enough. Many districts' green lighting techniques are simple and serious, and there is no good attention to safety issues. There are many phenomena on the ground in the floodlights, and there is no guarantee for the safety of pedestrians and children. It is very prone to accidents during thunderstorms. The change of this method is to use the anti-glare ground lamp to illuminate the green space. The sculpture can be combined with the illuminator to form the illuminating sculpture. The green ground lighting can be integrated with the community building, the lamp body should be concealed and grounded. . Furthermore, the lighting design should fully consider the safety hazards within the scope of human contact, and avoid pedestrians from encountering illuminators and related accessories and wires.

5 Conclusion In summary, the environmental lighting design for residential quarters should be based on the principles of scientific and rational, energy-saving and environmental protection, people-oriented, unified planning, safe and practical, and constantly introduce new ideas. Only in this way can we achieve a harmonious unity of light and beauty. Create one and another gentle home for people of all walks of life.

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