Sony discontinued OLED TV, Samsung, LG plus code layout OLED

Sony is fully committed to the 3D display business, and it is believed that the market for OLED TVs will not be profitable in the short term, and the focus of large-size OLED panels has been greatly reduced. In contrast, Samsung and LG have more R&D resources available. In addition to upstream materials, other supply chain links can develop on their own. Therefore, the enthusiasm of the two panel makers to invest in the large and medium-sized OLED market will be able to observe whether OLED TV can A major indicator of commercialization.
In order not to allow Japanese and Korean panel makers to specialize in the past, Xinqimei is also optimistic about OLED TV and put into relevant layouts, but it also faces obstacles in materials and processes. Whether it will continue to improve its technical capabilities through self-development, acquisition or technology alliance in the future will also be The topic of industry follow-up.
Sony suspends the sales and production of OLED TVs in Japan. Recently, Samsung and LG announced the oversize layout of the large-size OLED market, and will launch OLED notebook computers and TVs in 2011 and May 2010 respectively.

Standard PCB or A PC board ( PCB or printed circuit board) is at the heart of virtually every electrical device. As the PC board manufacturer in Shenzhen China, we are firmly committed to the highest possible levels of quality and innovation in all of our PCB Fabrication processes to ensure that each and every circuit board that leaves our facility is ready to exceed expectations. All PCB boards would be tested well before shipping.

ZhongFeng has been a PC board manufacturer for the past 15 years and specializes in working side-by-side with visionary engineers and buyers in the High Frequency RF/Microwave, Audio, Defense and Medical industries (among others) to create solutions for ever-advancing printed circuit board concepts and designs.


The copper is the circuits material and the circuits designed by the PCB designers. Depends on the current in the circuits, the PCB copper thickness could be done with 0.5oz-10oz. But the PCB designers need be noted that the copper track width/space need be enlarged with the thickness. For example, the minimum copper track width/space could be 3mil/3mil with 0.5oz, but would be 4mil/4mil with 1oz.


The PCB board could be rigid PCB, could be flex PCB and also could be Flex-Rigid PCB . And the materials could be FR4, PI, Aluminum, Copper-based, Rogers, Teflon, etc. They have different applications. For example, FR4 PCB is the most commonly used for rigid PCB and almost good for all electronics products; PI is the most commonly used for flex PCB; Aluminum and copper-based have good thermal diffusivity and always used for LED PCB ; Rogers PCB and Teflon PCB are always used for High Frequency PCB, etc.


PCB Manufacture Capabilities





1-36 layers


 FR-4, Aluminum, Copper, Polyimide, high frequency (Rogers, PTEE, PI), etc.

PCB Type

FR-4 Standard PCB, Aluminum PCB , Copper-based PCB, HDI PCB , Rigid-Flex PCB, Flex PCB, Thick Copper PCB and Rogers PCB, etc.

Board Thickness


Copper Thickness


Biggest Board size


Min Tracing/Spacing

0.075mm/0.075mm (3mil/3mil)

Min drilling Hole diameter

0.15mm(6mil), 0.1mm(4mil)-laser drill

Solder Mask

Green, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple, etc.

Silkscreen color

White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Surface finish

HASL Lead free, Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, Carbon oil, etc.

Special Techniques

Impedance Control, Gold Fingers, Blind/Buried vias, Peelable solder mask, Half holes, Via-in-Pad and Countersink hole, etc.

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