Tablet PC completely replaces the possibility of notebook

Tablet PC completely replaces the possibility of notebook

Reading: Daily office can not be separated from the computer, travel if you carry a tablet computer, must be much lighter than the notebook, small size and easy to carry, just like with a book on the body.

The main function of the tablet computer is to access the Internet and portable entertainment. Usually it is mainly to take a look at a book, play games, or browse the Internet in a room with a wifi wireless network, watch online videos, and watch movies.

Compared with the tablet, the notebook is more professional and is equivalent to a PC. Nowadays, the notebook is only a desktop computer that is relatively easy to carry. The basic purpose is no different from the desktop, and office entertainment is all right.

Because the notebook is a windows system, various professional softwares can be used. Tablets are mostly Android or Apple IOS. The concept of software on the tablet is application. The function is relatively simple and it cannot be professional. It can be said that the office has the most Let you look at the document, it is impossible to get it to work. This is all before.

In terms of life span, the notebook is usually a little longer. The tablet is a consumer product. Naturally, it is relatively easy to be broken, but it is not absolute. It mainly depends on the specific model.

Nothing is wrong now

With the development of technology, flat-panels with windows systems have been created and memory is becoming more and more powerful. For example, Surface Pro 3 with a storage capacity of 512GB a few years ago is a portable tablet and a fully functional notebook. How beautiful is one.

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