Take a look at how video surveillance vendors define boxes

After a certain high-profile "cross-border" mobile phone industry of home appliance manufacturers, similar "cross-border" phenomenon has begun to appear frequently in the TV box sector, and as a well-known domestic video surveillance provider, Hikvision is one of them.

Mu Mu had just heard of this brand of fluorite, once out of curiosity about Baidu, and what surprised me most was the origin of video surveillance manufacturers, really feel that this cross-border is a little "into chaos" feeling. It is also this inexplicable violation of sense, so Mu Mu more curious and as a video surveillance provider, how will they define the box.

Fluorite Beckham can expand a variety of fluorite series of peripheral products

As the most successful box product of Hikvision's fluorite brand, the concept of “video box for your housekeeping”, the fluorite Beckham R2’s main theme, makes people feel right about it. A smart control terminal that can connect its own superior products will naturally be a good choice.

As a newcomer in the box field, the "maturity" of the fluorite Beckham R2 in product positioning and appearance design is much better than that of Internet companies who have entered the box field. The sleek shape is elegant and beautiful. In the process of unpacking, the method of fixing the box in the fluorite Beckham packaging is also appreciated by Mu Mu. Fix the four corners of the box with cardboard. If you want to take out the box, you need to put the surrounding cardboard as a flower. The exhibition is open and gives a nice visual texture.

Removing the fluorite Becken from the petal-like cardboard is just like taking out the fruit. With the sleek design of the fluorite Becker, there is a sense of solemn ritual. However, there is also a fly in the ointment, that is, the texture of the cardboard as a package is poor, and the overall texture of Beckham's feeling is very bad.

The overall hardware level of Fluorite Beckham is very high, which is mainly reflected in the interface that can play 4K video, hard-to-get H.265, and comes with a USB 3.0. Although there is no hardware "fever" as the main selling point, high-quality hardware will always provide a strong guarantee for the entire product experience.

The same high quality power supply and remote control

The word expansion introduces the method of hardware development

As a starting point of different products, the high quality of fluorite Beckham R2 overall quality in the highly competitive box market is somewhat different, if you happen to have hardware development needs, then Beckham will be the best choice, But if you just want a good box, then the fluorite Beckham, with the intelligent home center controller as an added value, will surely make you messy when making choices.
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