Take this sleeping pillow on the road to help you practice sleeping well

[Summary] Slumber Stache also performed well in detail design. In particular, a built-in headphone jack is provided for listening to songs. The material is also carefully selected and it does not feel uncomfortable.

Tencent's Bear (Bear) If it is easy to spend a long journey, the United States and the United States to sleep is definitely the best way. However, sleeping in transport can be a technical activity.

You thought you were like this when you were sleeping

But it may actually be like this

There is such

In order not to suffer from the above paralyzed condition, many people will choose to inflate or U-shaped pillowcase with memory cotton to relieve fatigue on the neck.

Used friends know that blowing an inflatable U-pillow is a hassle. With a U-shaped memory foam pillow out, inconvenient to occupy the place, in short more harm than good.

Fortunately, a sleep pillow named Slumber Stache came out. It is no exaggeration to say that this Slumber Stache reinterprets what is sitting and sleeping.

Let's talk about the most important sleep experience first.

Slumber Stache can fully support the entire neck, that is to say wear it even without any support, it can also ensure that the head is fully lifted and the neck is upright.

Even more commendable is that wearing Slumber Stache to sleep can always guarantee his demeanor.

Even if you want to sleep, you can straighten your waist and it's not a problem at all.

Whether traveling on business or on a business trip, luggage is always as little as possible. After all, there is no way to go out with a few assistants like a star. And this Slumber Stache sleep pillow is another advantage! Receive! Na!

Can be rolled up in the trunk

Can also hang on a backpack

It's not a problem even if it's stuffed in girls' everyday handbags.

And Slumber Stache is super easy to use.

In terms of detail design, Slumber Stache also performed quite well. In particular, a built-in headphone jack is provided for listening to songs.

In addition, Slumber Stache's material is also carefully selected, even if sleeping from Beijing all the way to New York, will not feel uncomfortable.

This Slumber Stache has officially started crowdfunding at Kickstarter with a crowdfunding target of US$12,000. Its early bird price is US$19 (approximately RMB131) and is expected to be officially shipped in April this year.

If you also travel frequently, travel or travel long distances, then you must use Slumber Stache to help you practice a good "sit and sleep" skills.

Source: kickstarter

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