Tesla has dug Microsoft HoloLens wall feet, AR car is just around the corner?

Following the rumors that Tesla will add Augmented Reality (AR) to the car, this month they dug a top industrial designer from Microsoft HoloLens. This is the second time Tesla has dug up from the HoloLens project team, and last year they dug a computer vision scientist.

This time, the designer is Andrew Kim, a senior designer of Microsoft HoloLens and new equipment. He has changed the work title in LinkedIn's business card to the "master designer" of Tesla Design Studio. The first Slashgear report said: "Kim's recent work mainly revolves around HoloLens, which Microsoft recently used to promote the Windows holographic system. Prior to this, Kim also participated in the design of the Xbox One S. He released one at the time. This blog describes the aesthetic design of this sleek gaming terminal: 'a more friendly and international product that won't remind you of the traditional gaming experience'." The picture below is a picture sent on Instagram when I left the Xbox team.

Tesla has dug Microsoft HoloLens wall feet, AR car is just around the corner?

Given the background of Kim's industrial design, virtual reality is clearly not the only contribution he can make to the Tesla design team. If you take a closer look at this designer's Instagram, you will find that he is a hardcore fan of Porsche design, and he is also a Porsche owner. And in the future, he will have a former Porsche interior designer Félix Godard in the new Tesla design studio, who participated in the design of the Porsche concept electric sports car Mission E.

Prior to Kim, Tesla also dug away computer vision expert Yekeun Jeong from HoloLens, who currently works in the Tesla Vision project team.

It is rumored that Tesla will create a parallel display with augmented reality for Model 3, and CEO Elon Musk calls their in-vehicle control system a "spacecraft" and the company did not have a prototype in the company earlier this year. Any physical dashboard.

In addition, Tesla intends to adopt VR or AR technology in its sales strategy, which may be similar to the Volvo and HoloLens project shown in the video below.

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