UAV enterprise world ranking China is actually in this position

UAVs have recently become one of the most popular industries, thanks to the model innovation and service needs of the Internet era. UAVs are one of the fastest growing and most promising industries. Let us take a look. Which countries in the global drone business ranking are on the list? This article will introduce you to the global military drone enterprise rankings and global civil drone enterprise rankings.

Introducing the top 18 global military drone companies
Military drone ranking

Introducing the top 18 global civil aircraft manufacturers
Civil drone ranking

UAV industrial chain

The UAV industrial chain can be divided into research and development, production, sales, service and other sub-divisions, which can be divided into product R&D test, flight control system development, engine and other key parts production, any load manufacturing, and UAV assembly. , drone sales, drone control training, operational service business, integrated application services and other links.

The UAV industry chain participants mainly include two types: one is a complete machine manufacturer like Dajiang and GoPro; the other is an upstream manufacturer that provides hard and software for drones, including chips and flight control. , batteries, sensors, GPS, gyroscopes, power systems, data systems, image transmission systems, electronic components, drone training, and more. In terms of hardware, the chip is the core component, which directly determines the drone's handling performance, communication capabilities and ability to process image information. Like other well-known consumer electronics products, drones have chips, intermediate manufacturers, and peripheral industries, which are not mysterious and distant in our imagination.

Drone chip manufacturer

The drone master chip manufacturers are: Qualcomm, Intel, ST, TI, Texas, Samsung, Atmel, Nuvoton , XMOS, NVIDIA, Rockchip RK3288, others and so on.

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