Up to 20% Off Steam VR Weekend Sale

The Steam VR Weekend Sale was launched this weekend. The sale includes a huge number of games and discounts are not too great. The following is an article published by Jonathan Nafarrete on vrscout. All kinds of dry goods, players in the pit quickly act!

What are we going to do this weekend? We have already made our decision.

Steam launches its first VR Weekend Sale (VR Weekend Sale), including discounts for multiple HTC Vive and Oculus Rift games.

Steam VR Weekend Sale

In addition to the VR Weekend Sale, Steam will launch a bundled sales package of 20 games at a lower discount. Click here for full information on the game pack. The game pack includes some of the hottest games such as Hover Junkers and Pool Nation VR. The retail price of this game package is 368 US dollars, but at this time the discount of 6.8 percent is only 251 US dollars.

The VR Weekend Sale is not the first time that Valve has launched a discount campaign on Steam VR. In the Steam Summer Sale (Steam Summer Sale), it has had more discounts on several VR games. But this is the first weekend sale designed exclusively for VR.

This weekend offers discounts ranging from 90% off to 20% off. Click here for full game information .

game interface

If you are not interested in spending some of the hard earned Bitcoin for Vive games this weekend, we also have a list of 51 Steam VR games that you can download for free now. Click here to view the list.

Earlier this week, Dota 2 announced the launch of Dota VR Hub. This is a must for game fans. "Dota VR Hub" allows players to watch the game in the VR seats in the audience. Whether it is individuals, friends or communities, they can jump into real games like fighting heroes. The downloadable content packs for Turret 2 and Dota VR Hub are free.

Enjoy the weekend.

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