VR's new book "Aros: Year of the Sheep" has landed on Oculus

I believe many of my buddies have a dream of riding a dragon. The latest VR game titled “Aros: The Year of the Horse” has landed on the Oculus platform. This game allows players to experience Dragon Flight, Turret Battle, and Glider in the game. Robot wars and racing and other elements, details let us look at it!

This action-adventure game will be online on September 29 at STEAM and Oculus Rift

Are the mechanical war game friends like to ride on the dragon? What kind of sparks are collided when Yulong’s flight, turret warfare, gliders, robot battles, and races come together? “Ahros: One warrior chronicle” is such an action adventure. The game will be online on September 29 at STEAM and Oculus Rift.

"Aros: Year of the Horse" video introduction

This game is also an ambitious game, the game has a wealth of content players can do to see. Currently, the game is going to be a preemptive experience on STEAM, and developers will polish game content and gameplay in the coming months based on experience feedback. Currently, there is only one map and 6 tasks to provide the player experience, and more content will be announced later.

"Aros: Year of the Fear" screenshot

"Aros: Year of the Fear" screenshot

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