What is the difference between 17TV55i and 17TV50i? Horizontal comparison evaluation

The 17TV55i and 17TV50i are the two flagship smart TVs of the 17TV. The two products of the same series, apart from the screens, are slightly different in size. What is the difference between the two? In order to help everyone understand the two televisions more clearly, a series of comparisons will be made in detail with regard to various aspects of the parameters and will be used as a reference for friends concerned about 17TV.


17TV55i and 17TV50i appearance in addition to size, the other is not much difference, very narrow black frame can create a borderless visual experience for the viewer, the overall hidden cooling holes, no screw design enough to see the 17TV in the pursuit of appearance Perfect, noble Champagne is suitable for any style of home, so consumers don't need much tangling in appearance.


See here, I believe we have a comprehensive understanding of these two TVs, in terms of performance configuration, 17TV55i slightly better, faster CPU processor, plus fever-grade JBL metal diaphragm Soundbar, whether it is watching or playing Games, all allow users to experience the perfect audio-visual experience, active shutter 3D technology allows users to watch 3D movies at home. However, the 17TV50i also has its advantages. A more abundant external port allows users to have more choices on the external device. The appropriate screen size is more suitable for small and medium-sized home use. The living room and bedroom can be placed.

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