X-TEAM: Basic knowledge of fixed-wing aircraft models (2)

In general, designing a fixed-wing model must first determine the task content, its secondary model layout, select the power assembly, determine the wing load, determine the wing size, select the airfoil, determine the size of the fuselage, increase the stability design, and finally Adjust the flight test.
Commonly used equipment for aircraft models are motors, ESCs, steering gears, remote controls, batteries, propellers, etc.

Motor: At present, the motors used in models such as RC airplanes and car models are basically brushless motors. Compared with brush motors, brushless motors have higher efficiency, higher power and better torque characteristics at low speeds. The brushless motor is divided into an inner rotor and an outer rotor. The inner rotor motor has certain advantages in size and speed, and the outer rotor motor has advantages in terms of torque and heat dissipation .

The picture above shows the external motor for the model

The picture above shows the internal rotation motor for the car model.

ESC: The full name of ESC is the electronic governor, which is used to control the speed of the model. The ESC with built-in BEC can be connected to the motor and battery, the steering gear, and the power supply of the motor can be adjusted to the receiver at the same time. The receiver, servo, etc. need to be powered by an external UBEC. The main indicator of the ESC is the current.

For example: 40A, which means that the maximum current that can be withstand long-term operation is 40A. The current that can be withstood for a short time (such as 10 seconds) can exceed this value.

Steering gear:

The steering gear is simply used to grasp the direction. The common parameters are weight, such as 9g, 17g, etc.

1109HB 9g

The picture above shows the X-TEAM 1109HB 9g servo.

Different weight grades have different torques and are suitable for aircraft with different requirements. The choice of the steering gear lies in its torque and response speed, and it can be matched according to different aircraft requirements to achieve the appropriate control effect.

Generally, the motor and the paddle are matched like this:

Under 3S battery: KV900-1000 motor with 1060 or 1047 paddle; KV1200-1400 with 9-inch paddle; KV1600-1800 motor can be equipped with 7-inch or 6-inch paddle; KV2200-2800 can be equipped with 5-inch paddle; KV3000 - 3,500 or so can be equipped with 4530 paddles.

Under 2S battery: 9050 paddle for KV1300-1500; 7060 paddle for KV1800; 5 inch paddle for KV2500-3000; 4530 paddle for KV3200-4000.

In fact, the easiest thing is that you go to the motor related official website to ask other people's customer service.

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