Zero Meizu mobile phone experience using the old Andrews thousands of smart machine users to talk about changing charm Blue NOTE5 easy? --not bad!

It is a great honour to participate in all the activities of the audience in the event of a hundred people surveying the Charm Blue NOTE5 event. The result is that the East is not bright and the West is bright. After the lucky draw, there is no me. Occasionally received "what is worth buying" official micro-"author reply prompt", overjoyed ah! It seems that 2017 is a good sign! Thanks again for what is worth buying!

Before starting the assessment, first make a self-introduction briefing. Starting from HTC ONE X, you ran to black on your Android phone. It may be the reason for preconceived. I have always felt that Apple's system is not used (pure personal feeling ) However, due to Samsung's not too much sales price than Apple, I eventually became a loyal user of the thousand yuan smart machine, HTC ONE X has become the most expensive mobile phone I have ever used! Then passed the era of "China Cool", and now what brand has started to do Android phones. During this period, I mainly attacked Huawei, bought red rice NOTE1 and NOTE3 for my father-in-law, and purchased music as my wife. 2. I had mobile broadband for sending mobile phones two months ago. I can use Huawei G9 Youth Edition (Kengren’s Full Netcom). When making choices with OPPO A59, I took Huawei's backup and cloud services into consideration. The replacement was convenient, and I did not dare to trust OPPO's midrange machines. I changed the G9. It can be seen that for the mobile phone, I am a lazy and light user, so there has been no original mobile phone, and of course, the successful application of mobile phones.

In this assessment, I was enrolled in the plan for the Brain Dong Pai. The reason is that when I saw the quotation of 899 yuan, I thought that the user group of the thousand yuan smart machine is nothing less than a young man with relatively little disposable money or middle-aged and elderly people who just touched the smart machine (not the leaders and wealthy businessmen). And what are the ways they choose a thousand dollar smart machine brand? Young people may be watching advertisements or using their own computer habits. Middle-aged and older are mostly younger generations. Maybe you use millet, you change machines or millet; you use Huawei, you buy your parents and Huawei, the fundamental It is based on preconceived based on the familiarity of specific brands! But brands you don't understand don't mean it doesn't work (for example, my comrades have been using millet, but after being suddenly changed OPPO, I feel that millet is not useful for OPPO)! As far as Meizu is concerned, it is somewhat mysterious to me. His family's thousand-yuan smart machine is difficult to grab without money! Not many people use Meizu around, because they do not understand Meizu, how many people will miss the Meizu when choosing a new mobile phone? Only by giving Meizu a chance to show, can we know the advantages and disadvantages of Meizu, is it our dish! Therefore, I want to write this report as an instruction manual, focusing on what highlights and special features of the operating system of the Meizu mobile phone. When a person who has not contacted Meizu has changed Meizu phone, he will not adapt or can find it. Amazing feeling? Charm Blue NOTE5 is not a new choice for thousands of smart machines? (The text will be compared with other common brands as needed)

Let me talk first! At least when I got the charm blue NOTE5 a moment and more than a week after use, I think charm blue NOTE5 is a comprehensive cost-effective thousand yuan smart machine, except a little bit like Android phone!

100 reports, I was dragged to the final submission, and so on, it is estimated that Xiao Bian also looked tired, valued friends also look tired, I try to be as simple as possible.

First, out of the box (more as a memorial for his first time to participate in mobile phone testing) 1, packaging

Double packaging, protection in place.

The rare two-step report notes show that Auntie pays attention to this test.

The outer packaging of the mobile phone is very simple. If you look at the size, you know that there is definitely no headset!

2, accessories

Take out your cell phone and take a family portrait!

The box includes mobile phone host, charger, card thimble, warranty, FLYME user manual.

Meizu cloud card thimble design generally praise! The area that can be taken is very large, and it is very convenient to take it at ordinary times.

Supports fast charging power adapters. Support fast charging, 5V or 8V-3A or 12V-2A output (the latter feeling strange), and the effect is good.

The USB cable is slightly thicker than the fast-charged phone line, but the white color will turn gray after a long time. This is a pain that cannot be solved!

Compared with the Huawei G9 Youth USB cable that was used for 1 month, it was thicker (it was already discolored)

The normal Micro-USB interface is used, and the durability after a long insertion is unknown.

3, mobile phone body

The first feeling in the hands of the charm blue NOTE5 is Shen, the second is sliding, the third is a good feeling, the fourth is not like Android phones.

Borrowing the official website map, Charm Blue NOTE5 has the following 4 colors, from left to right: Starry Sky Grey, Glacier Blue, Champagne Gold and Moonlight Silver.

According to the official website's purchasable information and the quotes on Taobao's four colors, the order of production from low to high (price from high to low) should be glaciers blue (no doubt), champagne gold, starry ash and moonlight silver. Aunt Zhang’s all measured release should be the last two colors, and I received the most popular moonlight silver (Fortunately, 32G memory has soothed the wounds of my soul).

About mobile phone film: Charm Blue NOTE5 made a lot of user-friendly tips on the positive and negative two factory films (unfortunately, the film can not be used directly), for the newcomer to get started with Help Blue NOTE5.

On the front there are tips for using the Mtouch key and opening the multi-task bar on the slide

Some buttons on the back film, instructions for power off and restart, and instructions for using the SIM card slot

About the appearance and material: According to official data, the size of Charm Blue NOTE5 is: 153.6*75.8*8.1mm. Measured to remove the weight of the mobile phone is 178 grams,

In addition, the weight of the center of gravity is uneven, and the lower half is significantly heavier than the upper half.

Referring to the introduction of a forum: mobile phone uses 2.5D arc glass, diamond trimming, full metal CNC, nano injection molding, anodizing process, known as the ordinary three-stage cost of 2 times.

And referring to the official website advertisement,

Process and cost introduction cited, talk about their own use of feelings: Charm Blue NOTE5 main metal integration body card, the use of anodizing technology, enhance the texture of the phone, to avoid the past thousands of dollars commonly used smart plastic shell cheap sense. The so-called 12-gun double-layer 3D sandblasting does enhance the feel of the Charm Blue Note5. It feels a bit like Auntie's custom surrounding millet power supply, but it is also considered to increase the appearance favorability, but due to the heavy body weight and a little slippery The shell increases the chance of accidental drop. In the gap between the arrival of mobile phone shells, the first drop was made from the table to the tile floor, leaving two unrecoverable pits in the two corners!

After seeing

In addition, when the metal matte material encounters a hard object friction, it will scratch and it cannot be removed.

It is recommended to use a mobile phone case, otherwise it will fall to the ground, even if the grinding will disfigured! Obsessive-compulsive disorder or perfectionist should pay special attention.

3, on the screen: Charm Blue NOTE5 uses a 5.5-inch screen, contrast ratio of 1000:1, resolution 1920 × 1080, size and resolution are the standard level of common thousands of machines. It should be noted that the official promotion of the GFF full-fitting program is quite controversial (interesting people can check the Internet for themselves), which is characterized by poor light transmission and high light reflectivity, but it has the highest yield rate and can achieve the minimum Cost control, in short, can not be said to be bad, may be thick, but it will not appear in the past into the gray screen of the mobile phone, and it does not delay the use. From another point of view, if the screen is really broken, the maintenance cost will be cheaper than that of other technology-fitted screens!

It is worth mentioning that the use of 2.5D glass to the overall appearance of the charm Blue NOTE5 has increased the visual sense of softness, and feel smooth, the edge is too comfortable to touch.

Performance in the sun is also good (and Huawei G9 Youth Edition contrast)!

Two mobile phones under the sun

Also equipped with eye protection mode:

Charm Blue NOTE5 adjustable eye protection

4, on the function key distribution and role: see the following figure, whether it is the key feel or the various socket or MIC in detail in place and exquisite, reflects the good workmanship.

5, card slot: extremely common dual card configuration status,

Can 2 phone cards,

Dual card mode

Can also be a phone card with a memory card (the official does not provide support for how much a memory card, in some places is a 128G expansion card)

But when it comes to expansion cards, I have a history of blood and tears. So far there have been no signs of any use of 3 memory cards. There are Kingston's Samsung, and they continue to make online purchases. The status of the export is really very bad. This will envy cell phone users with more than 32G of memory (the previous 2+16G configuration was stretched). Like this kind of memory card, it is said that it supports 128G storage, but the price of five or six hundred yuan and a half mobile phone is still not guaranteed. It is not guaranteed that it will not be bad, or it is recommended to honestly add a few hundred yuan to buy a 4+64G version! (at least 3+32G).

SAMSUNG 128GB UHS-1 Class10 TF (Micro SD) Memory Card (speed 95Mb/s) Professional... ¥649 Jingdong

The mobile phone is the so-called new Netcom, which can support mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications. It does not support 4G for both cards. (Our family is mobile)

Second, the function introduced

Charm Blue NOTE5 as the end of Meizu 2016, originally had a good appearance and worthy configuration, the result because of price fluctuations (all versions are 100 yuan more than the initial price increase, it is said that cost reasons) and promised The first experience of Flyme6's new system has not been honored, and the results have been pushed to the top of the cusp. A lot of people in the forum are eager to return, saying Meizu has begun to play monkeys...

The Flyme 6's first coverage model does not include Charm Blue NOTE5, which is different from what is said in pre-sales.

Some Tucao friends who specially buy charm blue note5 for the new FLYME6 new system

Because I was busy a few days ago, I only systematically researched this mobile phone and discovered that the deadline for the Flyme6 system internal measurement application just happened to have just passed! No opportunity to try your luck! I think it's not a bad thing. After all, NOTE5 users who can apply to the Flyme6 closed beta are also a minority, and I mainly want to study more basic things. It doesn't matter. The report is based on the Flyme. .1A version! Here is the feedback from users in the Flyme community who upgraded Flyme6.

If you need to study in detail, you can look at the Flyme6 version of the report that was successfully upgraded in other public reports. As this earlier release.

Progress is not only a little bit: Contrast Charm Blue Metal Charm Blue Note 5 public test report ... Preface: Finally, the Meizu 2016 annual concert finished, we vaguely remember the Meizu pro6s conference, "six months polished xxx "One out, it was the majority of users to play bad, I do not know how many valued friends purchased this Pro6s, maybe Meizu is... 561060

The main point of this report is to explore whether the Blue Note5 or Meizu mobile phone operating system (Flyme) has any special place in the Android market which is relatively homogenized, or is it easy to get started? More is the type of display of the specification, the full text will look very big in the gods, forgive me!

1, the overall feeling

Conciseness is a common term used by many people to describe the Flyme system. This is indeed the most intuitive feeling that the Flyme system gives me. It is on the basis of simplifying as much as possible, improving the convenience, highlighting one step in place, and not having any advertising implants.

For example, on the homepage's search bar, click directly into the real-time hot news, enter the push news, and then enter information in the search bar, you can directly search for local applications, application market software, local address book and related web pages Information, very convenient!

Probably this process

If there is no special need, such as the application store, life services, information, mobile console, game center, and search bar in the HOME page, the system's own system software can meet daily shopping, games, mobile phone cleanup, antivirus, and information search. Browse and other use needs! If there is no special preference, you can feel free to download other third-party software.

Such as the drop-down panel, the general Andrews machine is such a map a lot or need to pull!

The picture shows Huawei G9 Youth Edition when all the contents of the drop-down panel are expanded.

The charm blue NOTE5 on these 12 items,

Charm Blue NOTE5 simple drop-down menu

Among them, the wireless network pull-down menu directly selects the WALN that can be connected, and the mobile data pull-down menu can be given priority to 4/3/2G, which saves the cumbersome choice of entering the next-level page. Which can be described as which, convenient and quick.

Common function design pull-down menu, minus the steps to enter the selection page

2, most unlike Android phones (that is, where most old Android users need to adapt)

A waist-to-home key with Mback interaction, with the Mtouch fingerprint recognition function, replaces the traditional Android 3 key (menu, home screen, and back), and makes the charm blue NOTE5 more like an apple.

I think that whenever I had a hurry to use a mobile phone, I picked up the daughter-in-law's Iphone, and I would be even more anxious, because I wouldn't use... With the charm blue NOTE5, it would make the gap between me and her change small……

From the physical three-key to the virtual three-keyboard, and then to the virtual-real three-button combination, it seems that Android-branded mobile phones will retain the three-button design.

But the charm blue note5 really non-mainstream one (I am ignorant, the previous Meizu have three keys, I really do not know).

Charm Blue NOTE5 only home button

Chapa learned that:

"Mback is a new interactive method. It was first released by Meizu Technology on June 2, 2015 at the Blue Note2 conference. Based on the new mBack physical home button, a multifunction operation of a button can be realized. , let the user experience upgrade again. Capacitive Touch Home button, touch Back, press to return to the desktop, the integration of light and different operations!"

That is, from June 2016, Meizu began to launch such a mode of operation of the HOME key, a combination of pre-fingerprint recognition and Android 3 key return and home screen function! As for the other menu key, charm blue NOTE5 put it to the bottom of the pull-up to do, plus the Mtouch fingerprint recognition function and long press in exchange for voice assistant (General Andrews machine voice assistant is a separate program, Charm Blue NOTE5 In addition to a separate program, the HOME key can be long-pressed, which is more like Apple.)

Long press HOME key to evoke voice assistant, different from normal Android voice assistant is application

Equivalent to the charm blue NOTE5 HOME key at least dry the other 3 functional keys of Android phones.

Highly integrated means that there may be two levels of differentiation. The Android system will feel that this design imitates Apple. There is no such feature as Android, and the average user will judge the function by using the experience, like me. People who don't stand in line with the mobile phone (how big your shoes are, how old are my feet), the feeling of using Mback is never adapting, and it gradually adapts to the feeling that it is quite convenient to use the traditional Android 3 key not suited to the process. Especially during the test, sometimes the charm blue NOTE5 and Huawei two machines are used together, that is a mess!

Look at the photos of Charm Blue NOTE5 and Iphone6SP, Huawei G9 Youth Edition, isn't Charm Blue NOTE5 much like an Android player?

Charm Blue NOTE5 and Huawei G9 Youth Edition

Charm Blue NOTE5 and Apple 6sp Photo

3. Is it convenient for other brand users to change charm Blue NOTE5?

There is no problem with conventional address book transmission, but there are no particularly good solutions for other software, text messages, and memos, and they can only be re-entered a little at a time. (If there is any good way to welcome expert guidance, thank you!) To change machines you have to sacrifice a little convenience.

This phone does not have a separate contact (contact list) icon. The contact is in the dialing icon.

Click on "Import contacts"

Four import methods Other mobile phones import default Bluetooth

Both phones have Bluetooth turned on and they recognize each other.

4、Featured functional design

In fact, when the system was set up for the first time, the system prompts that it is still useful, but many people don't see it much. The following content is learned during that time.

(1) Partial or truncated chart function

Whether it is a shortcut key combination, or a drop-down function menu independent keys, the general screenshots are to capture the current screen image content or intercept the image part, while the charm blue NOTE5 use the right power key + volume key combination, in addition to the interception of the current press Outside of the screen, two buttons long press to enter the function of the partial or cut-off chart function, drag and drop on the phone to intercept any size, width, length and length of the picture, expand the picture content or highlight the focus of the picture can be!

Screenshot function tips when booting

As shown in the figure below, in the actual use of long-press screenshot operation, this interface will appear, directly adjust the white box to capture the local map,

Or click the "Thumb Long" button below

Actual local or long-distance interception tips

After loading for a while, a “sliding up and truncating chart” appears.

Then pull up the picture, which is what cut off, and finally click to select directly after the completion of sharing or save!

The effect is as follows (should also be the limit): The feeling is more suitable for intercepting the article.

Charm Blue NOTE5 long shot Aunt Zhang Figure

(2) Suspension ball and gesture wake-up in the auxiliary function increase control fun and partial convenience

The county float is not unique to the charm blue NOTE5, but it is also good to use, this function is similar to the Apple mobile phone, but also the traditional Android users need to adapt.

Gestures to wake up a lot of Android machines have, but I feel that in addition to double-click to light up the screen, the other practicality is not imagined high.

In addition, the red envelope assistant will become a good helper for some friends to grab red envelopes, after all, the Spring Festival is coming!

(3) Flyme international traffic, I understand is Meizu's own foreign traffic packages. The operation is as follows:

As for how to use it, there is a chance to try it, but if people are more, it is estimated that it is appropriate to rent international WIFI.

(4) Abundant and updated real-time and wallpaper resources

Flyme system definitely belongs to the system that is good at creating sprouting and small fresh feelings. Especially the rich main body and the wallpaper resource, will let the mobile phone have the new vitality every day.

Thematic fees are particularly high! However, all of them are quite good-looking and they can pay more attention to discounts. Anyway, I feel that there is more vitality than Huawei's almost no updates.

Wallpaper resources are much better, and especially new, popular film and television works are available, suitable for the family!

Third, other value-friend reports must be more detailed than me

In this part, I think that the report on the value-friendliness of other major departments will speak, and it must be more detailed than I am, so I will just say a few words!

1. The performance experience brought by MediaTek processor

Now many brands of thousands of smart machines are using MediaTek. Of course, outsiders' sarcasm on MediaTek's "1 nuclear problem, 9-core siege" has never stopped! However, the positioning of thousands of people's smart machines, you get older than the flagship configuration, unfair and unnecessary! The audience is different!

The official introduction charm Blue NOTE5 uses Helio P10 (MT6755), eight-core 64-bit processor, the peak frequency can reach 1.8GHz, operation is 3G! Checked a lot of information, look dizzy, summed up the advantages of this processor than the previous generation of helio X10 is more balanced, better energy control! The polite recreational run is floating around 66,000 minutes.

A score for a master Lu run

The day-to-day experiences and feelings are coped with, and no obvious problems have yet emerged. Everyone has to play with the test network, I will not play, on the next NBA 2K16 (non-Hanization version), the first time into the game interface, the system for the first time there is a 75% memory usage tips.

After installing the first time running NBA2K16 direct system prompts take up 75% of memory

In the later stage of the game, without any changes to the settings, the game runs smoothly without being connected to the network (the network is ready to play ads). No stagnation; in the case of networking and updating the software in the background, Caton is more obvious.

2, battery life

Charm Blue Note5 is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, supports mCharge fast charge, give me the feeling is fast, slow (relative)!

Once the mobile phone is turned off, the data recorded from 0 to 99% charging process is as follows: 10 minutes 10%, 20 minutes 20%, 35 minutes 41%, 45 minutes 54%, 60 minutes 72%, 75 minutes 88%, 90 minutes 97%, in line with the official statement of the full 90 minutes.

3, photography

Photographs are lazy and lazy for me, and people who are not too spiritual are not very popular features. For this reason, there is no right to comment on the quality of photographs. Self-timer is even less!

Charm Blue Note5 rear camera uses a 13 million pixel CMOS, the fastest to support high-speed phase focus of 0.2s, with the volume shutter button single-handed capture can also be flowing. Front 500-megapixel camera with smart fine-tuning of system-level beauty mode

Because there will be a large number of beauty selfie party and handsome photographer released a lot of charm Blue NOTE5 mobile phone photos! I just hang a few! Happily caught up with the unique snow-hanging landscape in the north during the test, and took a few photos of the charm blue NOTE5 and Huawei G9 Youth Edition! Just contrast the effect.

Note: All shot in the morning with a more positive Yang Guan.

The above 4 sets of pictures are shot in the same position with the same angles of Charm Blue NOTE5 and Huawei G9 Youth Edition. It is possible that the positions of the cameras of the two phones are different. The range of the pictures of Charm Blue is obviously larger than that of Huawei, and the color of Charm Blue is biased. Warm, but the details of performance than Huawei. Compared to Huawei's photos, it is closer to the real scenery.

Other self-portraits, I won't get the macro, I believe there is a special beauty party, the United States and the study of the party! But to tell the truth, these two mobile phones are also in line with the thousand-yuan smart camera photographing level, the recording effect is greater than the art (of course, may be my bad shot!)

In addition, the charm blue NOTE5 uses the common mode of the fast-entering camera that the information screen pulls up, does not have the fast photographing function (Huawei is the fast screen photographing the volume key two seconds in the state of the smooth screen state)!

Sliding on the lock screen to quickly start the camera is an essential skill

The camera shooting page more than a GIF animation shot, as for the effect, or to the United States according to the party it!

4, fingerprint identification

Charm Blue Note5 positive family inherited lumbar keys, support for fingerprint recognition, when the average fingerprint recording about 15 times recorded one. The corresponding speed is also very fast, supporting common mobile fingerprint payment.

In actual use, due to my large thumb, angle problems often cannot be recognized!

5, Charm Blue Note5 support network which? Do you have VoLTE voice call technology?

Charm Blue Note5 Netcom Edition supports China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom's three major operators network. It is not possible to support two telecommunication cards at the same time. Supports VoLTE HD calls. I have never had the opportunity to experience the advantages of VoLTE HD calls. In any case, where the daily signal is not good, I can't listen to any mobile phone.

to sum up:

Advantages: cost-effective! Strong function!

Disadvantages: No driving mode, lack of camera!

If you can buy at the original price, I may change the Meizu because of this measure!

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