Zhongwei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. fully automatic SMD high-speed spectroscopic system competes for the Golden Globe Award

[Text / high-tech LED Yue Mengdi] Hangzhou Zhongwei Optoelectronics is the designated equipment supplier of the 2015 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Award, but Zhongwei Optoelectronics is not only the testing equipment, packaging equipment is also its key product.

The ZWL-X7III-HS fully automatic SMD high-speed spectroscopic system participating in the 2015 Golden Globe Awards is an automatic high-speed optical, color and electrical parameter detection for multi-type SMD LED devices, and is set according to customers. Parameter requirements, intelligently split Bin to the corresponding barrel to meet the needs of downstream LED application products.

According to the introduction of the optoelectronics market manager, ZWL-X7III-HS adopts a specially designed large silo to screen out debris to ensure stable supply. The blanking of the cylinder adopts a soft baffle cushioning design to prevent materials from colliding with each other. Damage; system high-performance design, standard CTS high-precision thermostat spectrometer, (x, y) test accuracy within 0.0015, test repeatability within 0.0005, stable operation. The core components of the system are imported in large quantities to maximize the performance and life of the machine.

ZWL-X7III-HS has 20 fast Bin and 60K large barrel design, high speed and high efficiency; using exclusive integrating sphere detection technology, it can achieve high-precision splitting: direct measurement of luminous flux, low requirements for shell material placement. There are only 20 direct blow BIN designs: the pick and place test mechanism uses the original stability mechanism, and the stability of the whole machine is high.

It is understood that ZWL-X7III-HS not only has considerable rationality and advancement in technology, but also intelligent one-button calibration technology: only need to input standard values ​​and measured values ​​to complete system calibration.

The high-performance SMD high-speed spectroscopic system with high cost performance and consistent product reliability has perfect after-sales service and will be a strong winner of the Golden Globe Award.

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